What’s gonna happen to the world??

I never thought buying a mask would be that hard. Who would’ve thought so??Who could’ve predicted like that?? I guess the answer is “no one “. Here in Japan, we have been in a really bad situation because of COVID-19. However, not so many people are panic buying groceries luckily, therefore we could sustain ourContinue reading “What’s gonna happen to the world??”

One of the happiest days 😃

I was looking at old photos on my phone today and found some which brought back memories😆 I took my family to Palazzo Versace Gold Coast on my son’s 1st birthday🎂🤩 https://www.palazzoversace.com.au/en/default.html We had so much and have always wanted to go back there🤭 We spent pretty much all day around the swimming pool andContinue reading “One of the happiest days 😃”

For your beauty🥰🥰

According to what my wife told me, this honey and lemon face pack really works😁 Apparently, this was mentioned by some Korean actress on TV and here is how it is made. ( By the way, the quantity is changed from the original one by my wife. If you want it thicker, you can addContinue reading “For your beauty🥰🥰”

Experiencing The Coronavirus

Who would’ve thought buying a mask would be that hard? Who would’ve thought you would need to beat somebody up to be able to buy toilet rolls? How many times have I wished that this was unreal? The whole world has been hectic and beyond the truth, furthermore we see and hear so many unbelievableContinue reading “Experiencing The Coronavirus”