The food you need to consume during this uncertain time

How are you guys doing? I hope that you guys stay positive and enjoy the weekend😊 I would like to give you some advice on the food that could boost your immunity so that you can fight back against any types of virus💪💪 Firstly, Vitamin D is the one you have to take in orderContinue reading “The food you need to consume during this uncertain time”

Having fermented food

How is everyone doing? I hope that you guys are doing fantastic🤗 What would you imagine if somebody said “fermented food”? “Cheese”?, “Yogurt”?, or even “Miso”? ( fermented soybean paste with salt and some other stuff). I would definitely think of “Natto” (smelly fermented soybeans) because I am a big fan of it🤭 I haveContinue reading “Having fermented food”

Treat yourself with good food and view🤩

If you have planned or ever thought about visiting the Gold Coast, Australia, I recommend that you dine in at Hurricanes grill and bar in surfers paradise😋 Surfers Paradise Let me be honest with you, the food I have tried there is decent (I do not like to exaggerate “it was the best or something”).Continue reading “Treat yourself with good food and view🤩”

If you are such a “miso-ramen lover”

Japanese ramen has become as popular as sushi and tempura all over the world in the last decade🤩 Since I am such a ramen lover especially Miso ramen, I would like to introduce my favourite ramen restaurant in Hakodate, Japan😆 “Menjiro (麺次郎) The URL above is not their website (unfortunately they do not haveContinue reading “If you are such a “miso-ramen lover””

A must-do in Hakodate

There are always “ things you should do” and “what you should eat” when you go somewhere new on your holiday😋 This is what you should (or must) eat, if you ever have a chance to visit Hakodate-city, Hokkaido (the northernmost prefecture of Japan)😊 It is said that Hakodate is the third largest city onContinue reading “A must-do in Hakodate”