Comparing Australia and Japan

How have you guys been these days? I hope that everyone has stayed safe and been dealing with this uncertain time😉 Luckily, my life hasn’t been affected by this virus thing that badly (not to mention that it has screwed our family plan to get back to Australia before the middle of this year). AsContinue reading “Comparing Australia and Japan”

Give it up for Australia and Canada. They must’ve made so much effort to make this decision. I understand that it wasn’t easy for them by considering all criticism and blame that they would have to go through later. However, they have decided not to send their athletes to the Tokyo Olympics 2020. I really hope that as many countries asContinue reading “Give it up for Australia and Canada.”

Comparing two governments

The URL above is what the Japanese PM commented on COVID-19 the other day. The URL above is what the Australian PM decided on COVID-19 the other day. Which one would you support?? As I mentioned on one of my previous posts, the Japanese government has acted in an inadequate way since this whole thingContinue reading “Comparing two governments”

My favourite song😊

There are songs that you always listen to and also cheer you up when you are depressed😔 Mine is the one above, Simple Plan “Welcome to my life”. I arrived at the Gold Coast, Australia on the 19th of March, 2006😌 I was gonna stay there for 10 months to learn English which turned outContinue reading “My favourite song😊”

What’s gonna happen to the world??

I never thought buying a mask would be that hard. Who would’ve thought so??Who could’ve predicted like that?? I guess the answer is “no one “. Here in Japan, we have been in a really bad situation because of COVID-19. However, not so many people are panic buying groceries luckily, therefore we could sustain ourContinue reading “What’s gonna happen to the world??”

Treat yourself with good food and view🤩

If you have planned or ever thought about visiting the Gold Coast, Australia, I recommend that you dine in at Hurricanes grill and bar in surfers paradise😋 Surfers Paradise Let me be honest with you, the food I have tried there is decent (I do not like to exaggerate “it was the best or something”).Continue reading “Treat yourself with good food and view🤩”

One of the happiest days 😃

I was looking at old photos on my phone today and found some which brought back memories😆 I took my family to Palazzo Versace Gold Coast on my son’s 1st birthday🎂🤩 We had so much and have always wanted to go back there🤭 We spent pretty much all day around the swimming pool andContinue reading “One of the happiest days 😃”

For your beauty🥰🥰

According to what my wife told me, this honey and lemon face pack really works😁 Apparently, this was mentioned by some Korean actress on TV and here is how it is made. ( By the way, the quantity is changed from the original one by my wife. If you want it thicker, you can addContinue reading “For your beauty🥰🥰”

Experiencing The Coronavirus

Who would’ve thought buying a mask would be that hard? Who would’ve thought you would need to beat somebody up to be able to buy toilet rolls? How many times have I wished that this was unreal? The whole world has been hectic and beyond the truth, furthermore we see and hear so many unbelievableContinue reading “Experiencing The Coronavirus”