Is this real??

How are we doing these days? We are doing fantastic, aren’t we? I just wanted to share what I have read recently with you guys. The article above is the one I wanted to share first. 60,000 people are expected to travel during the upcoming holiday week?? Am I dreaming or what? I couldn’tContinue reading “Is this real??”

Learn wisdom from the follies of others

How is everyone feeling these days? I hope you guys stay strong during this hard time💪 I would like you to have a read on the articles below. The first one is about the Japan government has extend a state of emergency nationwide. The second one is also about the Japan government planningContinue reading “Learn wisdom from the follies of others”

What I have thought about through this uncertain time..

You should never take anything for granted, nothing lasts forever. Those are what I have realized in the last couple of months through this devastating time. So many people in the world have been forced to stay home or live under restrictions, whereas people have been living as if nothing was happening in Japan. ShouldContinue reading “What I have thought about through this uncertain time..”

Made my day✌️

I bet everybody has been sick of hearing the bad news every single day lately, so have I. That is why I would like to introduce what I found which could make you feel a little happier🤗 I am sorry that the news that is lined to the URL above is written in Japanese.Continue reading “Made my day✌️”

Give it up for Australia and Canada. They must’ve made so much effort to make this decision. I understand that it wasn’t easy for them by considering all criticism and blame that they would have to go through later. However, they have decided not to send their athletes to the Tokyo Olympics 2020. I really hope that as many countries asContinue reading “Give it up for Australia and Canada.”

Comparing two governments

The URL above is what the Japanese PM commented on COVID-19 the other day. The URL above is what the Australian PM decided on COVID-19 the other day. Which one would you support?? As I mentioned on one of my previous posts, the Japanese government has acted in an inadequate way since this whole thingContinue reading “Comparing two governments”

What’s gonna happen to the world??

I never thought buying a mask would be that hard. Who would’ve thought so??Who could’ve predicted like that?? I guess the answer is “no one “. Here in Japan, we have been in a really bad situation because of COVID-19. However, not so many people are panic buying groceries luckily, therefore we could sustain ourContinue reading “What’s gonna happen to the world??”

Experiencing The Coronavirus

Who would’ve thought buying a mask would be that hard? Who would’ve thought you would need to beat somebody up to be able to buy toilet rolls? How many times have I wished that this was unreal? The whole world has been hectic and beyond the truth, furthermore we see and hear so many unbelievableContinue reading “Experiencing The Coronavirus”