Being a parent

The beach we always went for a walk on

My boy turned 4 a couple of months ago and I thought about the last 4 years myself as a father.

To be honest, I did not have much time being with him for the first 3 years because I was working for long hours and rarely stayed home. I worked 13-14 hours a day (6 days a week), therefore I only saw him pretty much once a week. My wife brought him up herself for the first 3 years. I still feel sorry to her that I wasn’t there when she needed and she had to do everything herself.

I have been able to spend much time with him since we came back to Japan last June. I don’t work as long as I used to and can be home by 5 in the evening. I can bath him and we can have dinner together. It couldn’t be better. Having said that, I get angry with him when he does something naughty or when he doesn’t listen to what I say. After that, I always end up regretting that I got angry with him.

Watching his face while sleeping, he looks a little angle🤩 But once he is awake and does whatever he wants, he turns into a little monster😱 He sometimes doesn’t want to do anything that I tell him to do and it could be like war. I chase him and he escapes all over the house🤔 It takes ages to get him to put his clothes on😑 However, being able to do this kind of stuff is so precious, considering the fact that I couldn’t be with him for the first 3 years.

There is no answer to what would be a perfect parent, thus bringing up a child is not only fun but also very hard. My ideal father is my father. I definitely want to be a father like him. He may not be perfect and the best. However, I’ve certainly had great memories with him.

I hope when my son becomes a father, he feels the same as how I feel😚

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Give it up for Australia and Canada.

They must’ve made so much effort to make this decision. I understand that it wasn’t easy for them by considering all criticism and blame that they would have to go through later. However, they have decided not to send their athletes to the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

I really hope that as many countries as possible will do the same.

Having said that, I feel so sorry to assume how athletes have been feeling as well as what they have been going through. “What if the Olympic Games are postponed?”

They dedicate their lives to the event once every four year. They have to bring their best to the time and keep motivation no matter what happens. We never know how hard it is to do so and also what they have sacrificed such as time, desire and even their families.

I have a friend of mine who is a professional swimmer. He has competed in the previous two Olympics. I have seen when he has been stressed out, when he has had complete depression and all the pressure he has tried to deal with. I remember he used to say that he wouldn’t mind giving up on anything if he could win a gold medal. Any competition means so much to him but the Olympic Games are so different and special.

I get that there are people who think that the Tokyo Olympics should be held no matter what happens whereas others disagree with this. I personally think that it should be put off this time by prioritizing safety.

Time is ticking and it is only a matter of time before we hear a decision. Whichever happens, there is no “happy ending” this time unfortunately.

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Comparing two governments

The URL above is what the Japanese PM commented on COVID-19 the other day.

The URL above is what the Australian PM decided on COVID-19 the other day.

Which one would you support??

As I mentioned on one of my previous posts, the Japanese government has acted in an inadequate way since this whole thing started. Regardless of my nationality, I must say that if they had acted properly since the beginning, the situation definitely wouldn’t have been as bad as it has been so far.

On top of that, it seems to me that they wouldn’t want to take any responsibility or blame on this as you may see on the URL above. It is needless to say that every single one of the nation has to act adequately towards this issue, however the government is the one that has to take the lead to guide the nation to the right direction. Are they? For sure, “NO”!! They do not see what’s happening around the rest of the world as well as how others have been dealing with this. We have still had a number of people who get infected day by day. But what I have seen through my daily life and what I have heard on TV, people have behaved and acted as if this was going to end soon. I really don’t get it at all..

On the other hand, I think the Australian government has acted appropriately so far by placing restrictions and so on. Some might say what they have done could be considered to be excessive, however I believe that I can see at least they have done their best to protect the country as well as their own nation. Some of the restrictions they have got so far are harsh on people who work in Hospitality. However, they will certainly stop the virus from spreading.

I love both the countries and also understand that they have been trying their best to protect their own countries. Which one would you support? Which one would you like your government to be? Maybe neither..??

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My favourite song😊

There are songs that you always listen to and also cheer you up when you are depressed😔

Mine is the one above, Simple Plan “Welcome to my life”.

I arrived at the Gold Coast, Australia on the 19th of March, 2006😌 I was gonna stay there for 10 months to learn English which turned out to be 13 years so far (because I have been living in Japan since last June, so it is 13 years instead of 14 years).

I had no English at the beginning and still clearly remember that the first conversation in English I had was when my host mother ( I was doing a homestay for the first few months) said “what is your name?”, I answered “ I am fine.”😅😂🤣 I was too nervous and couldn’t understand what she was saying at all😞 It was so embarrassing and I wanted to leave Australia immediately😅

Next day, I had orientation as well as the first class which was listening🧐 My teacher asked me to pass around some pieces of paper with the lyrics of “Welcome to my life.” Some words were left out in brackets and I had to fill them out as I listened to the song. I managed to catch a few words but didn’t understand what the song was about😢

How many times have I listened to it since then? When I finally understood the lyrics, I almost cried. Because I was not only happy to be able to understand it but also moved by the meaning of the lyrics😚 That was exactly how I felt for the first few months in Australia. To be overseas, new language as well as new cultures, so much stress and so on. I hated everything and just wanted to leave there☹️ But the song kept me going somehow and I could pull myself together💪💪 It has been my favourite song since then and I have listened to it so many times so far🤗

What is your favourite song?? You may have not only one but also some🤫

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What’s gonna happen to the world??

There are 5 masks in a packet

I never thought buying a mask would be that hard. Who would’ve thought so??Who could’ve predicted like that??

I guess the answer is “no one “.

Here in Japan, we have been in a really bad situation because of COVID-19. However, not so many people are panic buying groceries luckily, therefore we could sustain our lives somehow. What I have meant by that is there are people who have been suffering due to the virus but I assume it’s not as bad and server as other counties.

My family and I are planning to get back to Australia between this May and July but we really don’t know whether we will be able to do so or not. Since we hold permanent residency in Australia, we are able to go back there at this stage. The Australian government has placed some restrictions in the last few days and we won’t be able to go back to the country for a little while if the situation gets worse and worse.

A mate of mine from Australia told me that it is so hard to buy groceries so far and gonna be worse. Also, many people will lose jobs because of the bad economy.

Australia and USA are in the same boat, they place similar restrictions. They have also placed some restrictions pubs, restaurants and people going outside whereas in Europe.

Why not in Japan?? I really don’t like criticizing things in public, however I must say that the Japanese government has really let the nation down ever since this whole thing started. They are not as proactive as they are supposed to be. Why are they still talking about the Tokyo Olympics?? That’s out of the question. They are better off putting it off. Would you wanna go to a country where you might get infected??

Look at the rest of the world, Japan!!! We have been so behind the rest of the world and we may not be able to catch up with them for good..

Wake up now, or you might lose everything.. that’s what I think.

I love Japan and am proud to be Japanese. That’s why I am saying this all.

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Treat yourself with good food and view🤩

If you have planned or ever thought about visiting the Gold Coast, Australia, I recommend that you dine in at Hurricanes grill and bar in surfers paradise😋

Surfers Paradise

Let me be honest with you, the food I have tried there is decent (I do not like to exaggerate “it was the best or something”). However, the view from the table at the window side makes you feel that you could just sit there hours and hours with your favourite drink 🍷 🍺

This view on a sunny day😎
Garlic prawns with bread
Half a rack of pork rib with chips
Seafood salad

It is located just across the beach and easy to find it😙’s+Grill+%26+Bar+Surfers+Paradise,+level+2%2F4-14+Esplanade,+Surfers+Paradise+QLD+4217,+Australia/@-28.0016123,153.4304537,16z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x6b9105731ca92dbf:0xc96d59b32ae3e24b

If you ever visit the Gold Coast and would like to spoil yourself, this is the place to be😁

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One of the happiest days 😃

Bedroom at Palazzo Versace, Gold Coast

I was looking at old photos on my phone today and found some which brought back memories😆

I took my family to Palazzo Versace Gold Coast on my son’s 1st birthday🎂🤩

We had so much and have always wanted to go back there🤭

We spent pretty much all day around the swimming pool and the time went by so fast🤥

We did what we normally wouldn’t😝( because it was not cheap to be honest but definitely worth it)

We spoiled ourselves

One day, we hope to go back to the same heaven again and live in a dream for a little while😊😊

See ya👋👋

For your beauty🥰🥰

Honey and lemon face pack

According to what my wife told me, this honey and lemon face pack really works😁

Apparently, this was mentioned by some Korean actress on TV and here is how it is made. ( By the way, the quantity is changed from the original one by my wife. If you want it thicker, you can add a little bit more flour)

  • Squeeze a whole lemon and mix it with 3 table spoons of honey as well as 5 table spoons of plain flour.
  • Put it on your face and leave it for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse it off with lukewarm water.
  • It is recommended to do twice a day (in the morning and at night)

Every time she does that, her skin looks better and brighter😄

It does not cost you that much money and is so easy to make one😙

Please try this and let me know how you go with it😉

See ya👋👋

If you are such a “miso-ramen lover”

One of the best miso ramen I’ve tasted so far

Japanese ramen has become as popular as sushi and tempura all over the world in the last decade🤩

Since I am such a ramen lover especially Miso ramen, I would like to introduce my favourite ramen restaurant in Hakodate, Japan😆

“Menjiro (麺次郎)

The URL above is not their website (unfortunately they do not have one), what’s more it’s written in broken English. Therefore, I cannot tell how good they actually are😅

Because I worked as a chef for a little while, I know how tough it is to cook the ramen you satisfy not only your customers but also yourself first.

I am not saying that they are the best since everybody has different tastes. But I have to say that they have been my favorite ramen restaurant since I was a kid (been almost 20 years)😚

They won’t let you down no matter what you try😋

See ya👋👋

Experiencing The Coronavirus

Who would’ve thought buying a mask would be that hard?

Who would’ve thought you would need to beat somebody up to be able to buy toilet rolls?

How many times have I wished that this was unreal?

The whole world has been hectic and beyond the truth, furthermore we see and hear so many unbelievable things every single day.

We take it for granted that we have what we have. Waking up from sleep, going to work or school, feeding yourself, doing what you want and falling asleep. We keep our routines every day and we tend to appreciate less and less.

I lived in Australia for almost 14 years. When I was living there, I never thought that living in Australia would be that special. However, I realised how lucky I was to be able to live in such a beautiful county as soon as I left there and moved back to Japan this time.

We should never ever take anything for granted. We have been experiencing one of the toughest and worst times ever. Having said that, I really believe this is also a good time to change the way we think as well as how we have lived.

Let us hope that every cloud has a silver lining

See ya👋👋