Learn wisdom from the follies of others

How is everyone feeling these days? I hope you guys stay strong during this hard time💪 I would like you to have a read on the articles below.



The first one is about the Japan government has extend a state of emergency nationwide. The second one is also about the Japan government planning to hand out ¥100.000 (equivalent to around $930 USD) per person.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

First of all, please let me say that when they first declared a state of emergency on the most endangered prefectures (seven of them), it was way too late to take actions.

Despite we were one of the first few countries that started to get endangered by the virus as well as South Korea, why didn’t they declare it at the right time? Furthermore, why didn’t they declare it nationwide even at the the beginning? It has been a few months since the virus started to change the whole world and we had enough time to get things organized as time went by.

Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels

What’s worse, Mr. Shinzou Abe (The PM) said the other day that we were not behind the rest of the world and we were acting accurately. I bet the whole nation must’ve gone like “what..!?”. Has he looked around the rest of the world!? There are no ordinances, punishment and fines at all. They have established some abstract regulations, however people won’t be fined or punished even if they do not obey those. I wouldn’t call it a state of emergency at all.

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Secondly, there had been an idea to hand out ¥100.00 for a little while but it wasn’t considered because it was too unrealistic for the Japan government. They were speaking about setting some standards at some stage so that they could make things clear who to hand the cash out to. If they had time to discuss this kind of pointless matter, they could hand it out to every single person straightaway. Mr. Abe announced that he wouldn’t go for the ¥100.000 cash handout at the beginning, however he has changed his mind and said it is most likely to happen. What is behind the truth? Is he worried about votes for the next election? I bet he is..

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I learnt some stuff through the articles above.

Firstly, earning trust from others is not that easy, thus you sometimes listen to others to see what is on their mind. You are the last one to make up your mind eventually but you need to look around and pay attention to the surroundings from time to time .

Secondly, actions speak louder than words. As long as you know exactly what you are doing, you don’t have to say that much. Because people will understand you sooner or later.

Lastly, learn wisdom from the follies of others. It is ok to make a mistake and the most important thing is that you should never keep making the same mistake. And even if someone makes a mistake or fails in something, do not laugh at him/her. That would be a good timing to learn something. Opportunities are everywhere!!

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Let’s just laugh😆

When was the last time you laughed your head off? When was the last time you couldn’t stop laughing? Things are getting tougher and tougher because of this virus thing and the way we live has changed dramatically. When you are going through such a hard time, you sometimes need to step back and relax yourself to forget about reality for a little while. I just need to give you some stuff so that you can have a bit of laughter at least. I apologise in advance in case you may not like some of them. Let’s get started:

He always cracks me up🤣 He is not that famous but been my favourite😁 Don’t get me wrong that the way he performs is pretty unique and unusual in Japan😅

He thinks that he is trying to shake hands but getting nowhere🤭 So cute and adorable👏

Never give up and you will get what you want🤩

Should I say that he is talented rather than funny😅 I was so nervous to see the last part of his performance🙄

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Having fermented food

How is everyone doing? I hope that you guys are doing fantastic🤗 What would you imagine if somebody said “fermented food”? “Cheese”?, “Yogurt”?, or even “Miso”? ( fermented soybean paste with salt and some other stuff). I would definitely think of “Natto” (smelly fermented soybeans) because I am a big fan of it🤭 I have it every single morning for my breakfast since it is nutritious and cheap in Japan😁 What are the advantages of having fermented food and there are some answers:

  • Helps the intestines work better and stops constipation

As you may know, there are hundreds of bacteria in your intestines. But there is a couple of main bacteria that could affect your health. One is called “pathogenic bacteria” and the other one is “probiotics”. As you could imagine from the name, the former can cause disease, whereas the latter keeps your organs healthy. Having fermented food stops the pathogenic bacteria growth and increases the number of probiotics in your intestines. If your intestines are working good, you won’t have a problem with constipation either.

Photo by Karley Saagi from Pexels
  • Boosts your immune system

As it has been mentioned above, fermented food makes your intestines work better and healthier. It is said that 60% of immune cells exist in your intestine, therefore there is no wonder why having fermented food boosts your immune system.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels
  • Reduces oxidative stress in your body

As you get older, oxidative stress happens due to the aging process as well as lack of antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Carotene and Polyphenol in which fermented food has so much. If you neglect oxidative stress, it can also cause cancer, diabetes and heart disease such as heart failure. Fermented food also has amino acids, enzymes and ferulic acids that are good for your skin. No wonder why yogurt is loved by women😄

Photo by Linda Prebreza from Pexels

So, what do you think about fermented food? Of course, there are likes and dislikes as I love Natto but I don’t like cheese and yogurt that much. I guess that having some of them regularly helps your health as well as your body without you realising.

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Effects of having a bath🤗

When I was bathing my son last night, it came up on my mind that why Japanese love having a bath and what they do it for🤔 Honestly, I am not a typical Japanese man who enjoys it😢 I am totally in the other way around 🤣 I’d rather have a quick shower than a long lovely bath😏 I can’t be bothered to spend that much time doing it🧐

while I was living in Australia for almost 14 years, I never had a bath except the time I came back to Japan on my holiday. On top of that, there used to be really strict restrictions on water usage in Australia, therefore thinking to have a bath was out of the question😅

However, I have had a bath with my son every single day even since we came back from Australia last June. To tell you the truth, I don’t mind having one at all😚 That’s why it got me thinking what kind of effects we can expect from having a regular bath and here are some answers:

Photo by Henley Design Studiofrom Pexels
  • Stimulates blood circulation and boosts immune system.

As you can imagine, your body temperature goes up while you are having a bath which means the blood flow is increased because blood vessels dilate. The more blood runs in your body, the more your metabolism is increased. When your metabolism is right on the track, you have more energy to fight back against viruses💪

Photo by Ashutosh Sonwani from Pexels
  • Relaxes muscles and joints

When your body is in water, buoyancy (upthrust force) works. In other words, something is able to float because there is buoyancy that is working. Your body weight is reduced to a tenth. For instance, if you weigh 60kg, your body weight is down to 6kg in water because of the upthrust force. No wonder why you feel relaxed in water because your muscles and joints are loosened.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels
  • Detoxes body and removes unhealthy substances

This is also related to the first one that I have mentioned above. The better your blood circulation improves, the more blood runs in your body. When you are healthy as well as your immune system is good, blood takes unwanted and unhealthy substances away from your body through circulation. Detox works better when your blood circulation is well.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Those are a few advantages of having a bath, whether you like them or not😉 I used to hate having one before but don’t mind it these days. Because I am getting older and older, maybe😂

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How is everyone doing? I hope everyone is doing good during this scary time. On this blog, I would like to pay tribute to one of the funniest as well as the best comedians we’ve ever had in Japan. His name is Ken Shimura who passed away last week because of the Corona virus. He was 70 years old and also performing as a top comedian just before he was infected by the virus. When I was a little kid, I used to watch his TV shows and clearly remember that I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. I still can’t believe that he is gone..

The URL above is one of his performance. It is not with good English subtitles but I hope you can understand this. The concept of this is even funny. A Japanese man tries to teach native speakers English..lol Actually, it also has a little bit of sarcasm because that is how they teach English at school in Japan. No wonder why so many Japanese have problems with learning English.

It has still been big news in japan that he passed away. It’s been a huge loss for us. I would say that he was “ Japanese Charlie Chaplin”. He dedicated his whole life to making people laugh. I really don’t think that we won’t have a comedian like him anymore. He was unique, thus outstanding.

What I would like to say through his death is that anybody could be infected by this scary virus, no matter where they go and what they do. However, we are also able to prevent ourselves from getting infected. Sadly, there are so many restrictions as well as lockdown in the world and also people who don’t want to obey the rules. You can do whatever you want but what you do could ruin somebody’s life. Protecting yourself means protecting people who you also care about. There should be at least one person who is important to you. “ Think twice before you act”. That’s exactly what I would like to say to people out there who are behaving irresponsibly.

We are all in the same boat and what we are hoping right now must be the same. No one wants to hear the sad news anymore, “ how many infected” and “how many died”. Staying home unless you definitely have to go out wouldn’t be as bad as losing somebody who you really care about. Lets hope that this will be over as soon as possible.

Photo by Min An from Pexels

RIP to people who lost their lives or lost their loved ones. My heart goes out to them.

Comparing Australia and Japan

How have you guys been these days? I hope that everyone has stayed safe and been dealing with this uncertain time😉 Luckily, my life hasn’t been affected by this virus thing that badly (not to mention that it has screwed our family plan to get back to Australia before the middle of this year). As I mentioned on the first blog, l lived in Australia for almost 14 years, I thought about differences I felt between Australia and Japan🤔 Of course, two countries are totally different and you may think that there is no point of comparing😅 I just wanted to do it through my experiences by living in both two counties😄

  • Motivation and ambition

This is just my personal opinion, therefore do not get this wrong or be offended please. This is one of the biggest differences I have felt. Australians tend to be more motivated and ambitious through a daily life than Japanese. I used to feel more energetic and determined when I was living in Australia. Not to mention that I worked for 13-14 hrs a day at the time, whereas I work only for 8 hrs a day at the moment😅 Australians often smile, enjoy the moment they are in and keep their heads up. On the other hand, Japanese always look serious as if they were going to jail or somewhere😂 Also what I have noticed lately is that so many of them keep their heads down when walking on the street☹️

Photo by Yogendra Singh from Pexels
  • Self-esteem and Self-confidence

These could be related to the one I mentioned above. It seems to me that Australians are full of high self-esteem as well as self-confidence even though they are not based on anything🤣 I give you a example: I had a plumber to fix a water leak in the house and I asked him if everything was ok. He goes “ this is a piece of cake and should take up to half an hour. Take it easy buddy.” Afterwards, I heard him talking to one of his colleagues on the phone telling how bad the leak was and asking for some advice😅 He ended up spending 2 hrs fixing it😏 They never say “they can’t”💪

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

•Punctuality and public transport

If I keep saying bad things about Japan, I will be hated by Japanese. So, it’s time for me to give some compliments🙏 When it comes to this, Japan is exceptional🤩 It’s not only about meeting people on time but also the public transport we have. Being punctual as well as its convenience, one of the best countries I must say😌 You don’t even need a car when you are in a big city, such as Tokyo and Osaka. You are better off taking the public transport, needless to say🧐

Photo by Donald Tong from Pexels
  • Humility

This could be the opposition of Self-esteem and Self-confidence I have talked about above. From my point of view, good balance of self-esteem and humility would be the best😆 Most of Japanese are supposed to be taught how to humble themselves when they are little kids so that they don’t have to get offended by others also to show others respect. I personally think this is beautiful custom , however your life could look boring to others unless you add self-confidence to your life😏

Photo by Porapak Apichodilokfrom Pexels

There are so many other differences between Australia and Japan that I wanted to bring out more but I guess it’s time to stop for time being🙂

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A new day🤗

April started today. As I mentioned on the previous blog, a new term at school starts in April. My son goes to the same childcare as before, however he goes to new class☺️Some new friends as well as new teachers. On top of that, he hadn’t been to the childcare for a little while because of the Coronavirus.

As I had expected, he cried a lot when I dropped him off at the childcare😅I could hear him screaming as I walked toward the end of the hallway😱 Now, “Back to reality” for him🤫

Since the class on the first day was held only in the morning, I had to kill time while I was waiting for him😊 I went to the shops to get some treats for him and bought the followings:

Thomas balloons he has been in love with
Play dough and some tools he can play with

I bought them at Daiso which cost me just a bit.


They even sell some food😋 They have stores world-wide as many of you know. They have been my favourite store all the time😚

He had a big smile when I showed up to pick him up😁 He had a even bigger smile when I gave him what I had bought for him from Daiso😆 He tore up the plastic bag to open🤣

The Shrine I sometimes went to when I was a little kid

After having lunch at home, I kinda felt like going to a shrine. Therefore, I took my family there. Honestly, I am not that religious but felt like praying for many things. I hope that the wishes which I made today will come true🤩 I had a feeling that some negative stuff got washed away from my mind😏

We had a pretty good day to kick off a new month and I hope that everyone else did the same as well☺️

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What I have thought about through this uncertain time..

You should never take anything for granted, nothing lasts forever. Those are what I have realized in the last couple of months through this devastating time. So many people in the world have been forced to stay home or live under restrictions, whereas people have been living as if nothing was happening in Japan. Should I say “Fortunately” or “Unfortunately”? I would go for the latter.

Anyway, new month starts tomorrow as well as a new year ( in Japan and probably also in some other countries, a new financial year and new school year start in April. Normally April to March considered to be a year by companies and schools). I have decided to set some goals.

  • Wake up and go to be with smiling.

If I start my day with smiling and finish my day with smiling, that means I have lived happily🤗Even if I go through ups and downs during the day, let’s think that I have had a good day😆When waking up, smile at my wife and son and do the same when going to bed😉 Happiness shines when you smile 😃

  • Live as if today was my last day.

It is hard to archive this, however this is the most important goal that I have set this time. Nobody knows what’s gonna happen. Enjoy every single moment I am in. Work, study or relax. Do everything with all I have got💪

  • Be grateful to anything

Whatever I have know may not be there tomorrow, so appreciate whatever surrounds me. Being able to stay with my family, being able to eat, being able to go to work and being able to come home🏠 Have some gratitude towards what I normally wouldn’t.

  • Do something good to others every day.

It could be to somebody that I know or even to a stranger, try to do something good or help whenever I can😌 At least once a day. It sounds quite ordinary but keeping that on my mind all the time does make difference, I guess😋

  • Try to be positive all the time and not to use negative words

This is also though. When you are having a hard time, it is almost impossible to stay positive. Try to think there are always opportunities and it is totally up to you whether you take them or not. For instance, you must stay home during this uncertain time and you get bored because there is not much you can do at home. But try to take it positively because there are so many things that you could do also that could change your life now. Spend lots of time thinking to come up with something that you can do NOW. Also try to use “ may be able to” instead of “ cannot”. Do not say “ I cannot do it”. It is better to say “ I may be able to do it” because you actually may be able to do it🤫

What I have mentioned this time is pretty simple but I am sure that my life would change if I could stick to the goals above. And I would like to see how much and what has changed in the next few months.

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Cooking blog ~no1~

I would like to blog about what I cook from time to time and this is the first one.

-Drumsticks with veggies

Ingredients : 1kg of drumsticks, 3 medium potatoes, 1 large carrot, 1 small onion, 1 leek , 2 slices of ginger and 1 teaspoon of crushed garlic.

  • You can cut the veggies however you would like.
This is how I cut them.
  • Add water so that 1kg of drumsticks gets covered in a pot. Once it is boiled, leave that for 10 min in a medium heat.
  • Take the drumsticks out of hot water and wash them off with cold water so that the blood that has come out from the inside gets cleaned.
  • Add 350ml of water, 150ml of soy sauce, 15ml of mirin ( sweetened Japanese cooking sake), 3 table spoons of sugar, 2 slices of ginger and 1 tea spoon of crushed ( or finely chopped) garlic.
  • Put the drumsticks back into the pot as well as diced (big chunky pieces) potatoes and cook them for 15 min in a medium heat.
  • Add chopped leeks, carrots and onions. Cook them for another 15 min.
  • That is it. You can plate up as you want .
I sprinkled a bit of white sesame

Please let me know how you go with it👍

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Made my day✌️

I bet everybody has been sick of hearing the bad news every single day lately, so have I. That is why I would like to introduce what I found which could make you feel a little happier🤗


I am sorry that the news that is lined to the URL above is written in Japanese. I tried to find it in English but there was none of it.

It is about some particular hospital in Mie prefecture, Japan provided ¥100,000 (approximately $900 USD) for each employee to spend so that the Japanese economy could be stimulated. The total amount of the money that was supplied was almost ¥40,000,000 (approximately $365,400 USD).

However, there are some unique rules with it. Firstly, it must be spent by the 30th of April. Secondly, it cannot be kept or put into a back account. Thirdly, it cannot be spent on gambling, mortgages or rent. Lastly. All invoices and receipts must be handed back to the hospital for proof. The bottom line is that the money must be spent to stimulate the Japanese economy.

I am not saying that giving away money is a good idea. What I meant is that the hospital prioritizes their employees and also tries to think ahead what they are able to do not only to enhance the quality of life but also to recover the economy from this severe situation. That’s exactly what we need!!

One private hospital could do it, so why couldn’t a country do the same?

Thinking and planning are very important, but what’s more important? Thinking ahead quickly and taking actions. There is not much time we can spend waiting.

We are so tired of the bad news, aren’t we? I just wanted to share what made me feel a little bit better this morning.

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