Upsides always come with downsides

The park I used to play at when I was a little kid

The photo above was from the other evening I took my son out to the park I used to play at over 30 years ago😊 Now it is spring in Japan and the weather is getting slightly better and better, therefore I get to spend some time with my son outside even after dinner😋 I never thought I would be playing there with my son and it was a kinda wired feeling as well as heart-warming which brought back lots of memories🙂

The sunset from the park

My family and I were supposed to get back to Australia between this May and July, however we have been stuck in Japan because of the corona virus☹️ It is so frustrating and disappointing since nothing is going as well as we have planned😣 On the other hand, there are upsides of reality.

Photo by Bithin raj from Pexels

Since I currently do not work as many hours as I used to do in Australia, I have much more time to be able to spend with my family. I probably couldn’t have the same situation again in Australia, thus being able to be with my family is what I can do with this kind of situation.

Photo by from Pexels

Furthermore, I have been able to realise advantages of living in Japan as well as in Australia. Also disadvantage of living in both countries. If I had kept living in Australia, I wouldn’t have known those points.

Photo by Catarina Sousa from Pexels

When it comes to this whole virus thing, people tend to take things negatively which is quite normal. However if you step back to change perception, you will definitely be able to see things differently. Upsides always come with downsides, thus you will be able to find one if you feel the other.

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