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How are you all? I hope that you guys are enjoying the weekend😊 Since the weather yesterday was nice and warm, I took my son for a walk and bumped into some people with dogs which reminded me of my dog in Australia😭Unfortunately, he is not with me in Japan at the moment since he’s had to stay in Austria😔Luckily, I have got somebody who has been looking after him since I left Australia. His name is “Mr. N” ( my wife named him) and he is toy poodle. He is 2 and half years old and really loves my wife and son. However, he HATES ME because I always tell him off every time he does something naughty🤣 It came up on my mind that what was Toy Poodle’s personality and how about my dog’s?? Every time he barks at me, I can’t stop thinking that poodle is supposed to be the second smartest dog in general, is he?? Anyway, I wanted to bring up some of toy poodle’s personality and compare them with my dog’s;

  • In general: Really intelligent
  • Mr. N: Irritatingly clever

It is said that toy poodle is so smart and can instantly understand what is going on. What about Mr. N?? Umm.. Once there is something he doesn’t like such as when he gets told off by me, he has a pee or pooh right in front of his potty pad, not on it😤 At the beginning, I assumed that he couldn’t hold it but started to realise that he did it deliberately🤔

Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels
  • In general: Be loyal to their owners
  • Mr. N: Be loyal only to my wife and son

Loyalty is one of dog’s traits and Mr. N certainly has one only to particular people, except me. If a stranger walks up to my wife to ask for directions, he barks till that person goes away. He thinks that he is protecting her. As soon as I open the door when coming home from work, he starts barking and doesn’t stop even after he sees my face😤

Photo by Immortal Shots from Pexels
  • In general: Active and playful
  • Mr. N: Playful but won’t last long

Whereas toy poodle is energetic and enjoys playing outside, mine is very unique🤭 He does like going for a walk but he lies down on the street and shows me that he doesn’t want to walk anymore once he is tired 😓 He doesn’t want to play that much during summer and winter because it is too hot or cold. He is willing to play only during spring and fall. I don’t think he is toy poodle from time to time😭

Photo by Goochie Poochie Grooming from Pexels

Generally speaking, the same breeds even have different personalities, having said that Mr. N is so distinctive😂 I haven’t seen him for a year but I know that he has been doing well. I cannot wait to get annoyed by him again🤣🤣

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See ya👋👋

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