Is this real??

How are we doing these days? We are doing fantastic, aren’t we? I just wanted to share what I have read recently with you guys.

The article above is the one I wanted to share first. 60,000 people are expected to travel during the upcoming holiday week?? Am I dreaming or what? I couldn’t even say a word when I read the article. I would like to know how many Japanese would understand the meaning of “ a state of emergency”. Moreover, how many of them would actually understand the meaning of “death”. And remind you that your reckless behaviour could kill so many people. I was away from Japan for such a long time, therefore I didn’t realise that. However, it is needless to say that as a country, as a whole nation and as the way everything is, Japan has changed so much for worse at least in the last decade. It could be because of the education that has been provided, the way the government has been leading the county or just without any reasons. This is so embarrassing and a shame. This is also the proof that a state of emergency which the Japan government has declared hasn’t worked and been absolutely useless. I am so devastated and furious about this whole thing.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Here is another one that has aggravated my anger. Would you like to gamble if you had to sit next to somebody who might have the deadly virus? Would you be happy even if you walked out with not only money but also the virus?

Photo by Alexander Mils from Pexels

I am so ashamed to say that I am Japanese at the moment. Why don’t you look around whereas there are good examples, such as New Zealand, South Korea and Taiwan. I want to say it not only to the Japan government but also to every single one of Japanese. We shouldn’t be using the word of “travel” or “gamble” right now. Over 200,000 have died of the virus so far in the world. By tomorrow, I could be dead, you could be dead and thousands could be dead. Please rethink what you are about to do, think twice even a few times.

You don’t have to hit “the like button” this time but I would appreciate if you could share and spread this to as many. I will be back with a brighter topic next time, I promise you👍

Thank you for reading, see ya👋👋

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