A new day🤗

April started today. As I mentioned on the previous blog, a new term at school starts in April. My son goes to the same childcare as before, however he goes to new class☺️Some new friends as well as new teachers. On top of that, he hadn’t been to the childcare for a little while because of the Coronavirus.

As I had expected, he cried a lot when I dropped him off at the childcare😅I could hear him screaming as I walked toward the end of the hallway😱 Now, “Back to reality” for him🤫

Since the class on the first day was held only in the morning, I had to kill time while I was waiting for him😊 I went to the shops to get some treats for him and bought the followings:

Thomas balloons he has been in love with
Play dough and some tools he can play with

I bought them at Daiso which cost me just a bit.


They even sell some food😋 They have stores world-wide as many of you know. They have been my favourite store all the time😚

He had a big smile when I showed up to pick him up😁 He had a even bigger smile when I gave him what I had bought for him from Daiso😆 He tore up the plastic bag to open🤣

The Shrine I sometimes went to when I was a little kid

After having lunch at home, I kinda felt like going to a shrine. Therefore, I took my family there. Honestly, I am not that religious but felt like praying for many things. I hope that the wishes which I made today will come true🤩 I had a feeling that some negative stuff got washed away from my mind😏

We had a pretty good day to kick off a new month and I hope that everyone else did the same as well☺️

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See ya👋👋

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