What I have thought about through this uncertain time..

You should never take anything for granted, nothing lasts forever. Those are what I have realized in the last couple of months through this devastating time. So many people in the world have been forced to stay home or live under restrictions, whereas people have been living as if nothing was happening in Japan. Should I say “Fortunately” or “Unfortunately”? I would go for the latter.

Anyway, new month starts tomorrow as well as a new year ( in Japan and probably also in some other countries, a new financial year and new school year start in April. Normally April to March considered to be a year by companies and schools). I have decided to set some goals.

  • Wake up and go to be with smiling.

If I start my day with smiling and finish my day with smiling, that means I have lived happily🤗Even if I go through ups and downs during the day, let’s think that I have had a good day😆When waking up, smile at my wife and son and do the same when going to bed😉 Happiness shines when you smile 😃

  • Live as if today was my last day.

It is hard to archive this, however this is the most important goal that I have set this time. Nobody knows what’s gonna happen. Enjoy every single moment I am in. Work, study or relax. Do everything with all I have got💪

  • Be grateful to anything

Whatever I have know may not be there tomorrow, so appreciate whatever surrounds me. Being able to stay with my family, being able to eat, being able to go to work and being able to come home🏠 Have some gratitude towards what I normally wouldn’t.

  • Do something good to others every day.

It could be to somebody that I know or even to a stranger, try to do something good or help whenever I can😌 At least once a day. It sounds quite ordinary but keeping that on my mind all the time does make difference, I guess😋

  • Try to be positive all the time and not to use negative words

This is also though. When you are having a hard time, it is almost impossible to stay positive. Try to think there are always opportunities and it is totally up to you whether you take them or not. For instance, you must stay home during this uncertain time and you get bored because there is not much you can do at home. But try to take it positively because there are so many things that you could do also that could change your life now. Spend lots of time thinking to come up with something that you can do NOW. Also try to use “ may be able to” instead of “ cannot”. Do not say “ I cannot do it”. It is better to say “ I may be able to do it” because you actually may be able to do it🤫

What I have mentioned this time is pretty simple but I am sure that my life would change if I could stick to the goals above. And I would like to see how much and what has changed in the next few months.

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See ya👋👋

Published by Roy_Roy

•Father of 1 •Australian permanent resident •Currently living in Japan

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