Made my day✌️

I bet everybody has been sick of hearing the bad news every single day lately, so have I. That is why I would like to introduce what I found which could make you feel a little happier🤗

I am sorry that the news that is lined to the URL above is written in Japanese. I tried to find it in English but there was none of it.

It is about some particular hospital in Mie prefecture, Japan provided ¥100,000 (approximately $900 USD) for each employee to spend so that the Japanese economy could be stimulated. The total amount of the money that was supplied was almost ¥40,000,000 (approximately $365,400 USD).

However, there are some unique rules with it. Firstly, it must be spent by the 30th of April. Secondly, it cannot be kept or put into a back account. Thirdly, it cannot be spent on gambling, mortgages or rent. Lastly. All invoices and receipts must be handed back to the hospital for proof. The bottom line is that the money must be spent to stimulate the Japanese economy.

I am not saying that giving away money is a good idea. What I meant is that the hospital prioritizes their employees and also tries to think ahead what they are able to do not only to enhance the quality of life but also to recover the economy from this severe situation. That’s exactly what we need!!

One private hospital could do it, so why couldn’t a country do the same?

Thinking and planning are very important, but what’s more important? Thinking ahead quickly and taking actions. There is not much time we can spend waiting.

We are so tired of the bad news, aren’t we? I just wanted to share what made me feel a little bit better this morning.

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See ya👋👋

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