Being a parent

The beach we always went for a walk on

My boy turned 4 a couple of months ago and I thought about the last 4 years myself as a father.

To be honest, I did not have much time being with him for the first 3 years because I was working for long hours and rarely stayed home. I worked 13-14 hours a day (6 days a week), therefore I only saw him pretty much once a week. My wife brought him up herself for the first 3 years. I still feel sorry to her that I wasn’t there when she needed and she had to do everything herself.

I have been able to spend much time with him since we came back to Japan last June. I don’t work as long as I used to and can be home by 5 in the evening. I can bath him and we can have dinner together. It couldn’t be better. Having said that, I get angry with him when he does something naughty or when he doesn’t listen to what I say. After that, I always end up regretting that I got angry with him.

Watching his face while sleeping, he looks a little angle🤩 But once he is awake and does whatever he wants, he turns into a little monster😱 He sometimes doesn’t want to do anything that I tell him to do and it could be like war. I chase him and he escapes all over the house🤔 It takes ages to get him to put his clothes on😑 However, being able to do this kind of stuff is so precious, considering the fact that I couldn’t be with him for the first 3 years.

There is no answer to what would be a perfect parent, thus bringing up a child is not only fun but also very hard. My ideal father is my father. I definitely want to be a father like him. He may not be perfect and the best. However, I’ve certainly had great memories with him.

I hope when my son becomes a father, he feels the same as how I feel😚

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