Give it up for Australia and Canada.

They must’ve made so much effort to make this decision. I understand that it wasn’t easy for them by considering all criticism and blame that they would have to go through later. However, they have decided not to send their athletes to the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

I really hope that as many countries as possible will do the same.

Having said that, I feel so sorry to assume how athletes have been feeling as well as what they have been going through. “What if the Olympic Games are postponed?”

They dedicate their lives to the event once every four year. They have to bring their best to the time and keep motivation no matter what happens. We never know how hard it is to do so and also what they have sacrificed such as time, desire and even their families.

I have a friend of mine who is a professional swimmer. He has competed in the previous two Olympics. I have seen when he has been stressed out, when he has had complete depression and all the pressure he has tried to deal with. I remember he used to say that he wouldn’t mind giving up on anything if he could win a gold medal. Any competition means so much to him but the Olympic Games are so different and special.

I get that there are people who think that the Tokyo Olympics should be held no matter what happens whereas others disagree with this. I personally think that it should be put off this time by prioritizing safety.

Time is ticking and it is only a matter of time before we hear a decision. Whichever happens, there is no “happy ending” this time unfortunately.

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Published by Roy_Roy

•Father of 1 •Australian permanent resident •Currently living in Japan

4 thoughts on “Give it up for Australia and Canada.

      1. It’s unfortunate that it has to come to this considering the years of training and dedication the athletes put in, but I guess it’s for the best.

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      2. Yes that’s very true, especially feeling for athletes who are planning on retirement after the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Words can’t explain how they are feeling right now.

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