Comparing two governments

The URL above is what the Japanese PM commented on COVID-19 the other day.

The URL above is what the Australian PM decided on COVID-19 the other day.

Which one would you support??

As I mentioned on one of my previous posts, the Japanese government has acted in an inadequate way since this whole thing started. Regardless of my nationality, I must say that if they had acted properly since the beginning, the situation definitely wouldn’t have been as bad as it has been so far.

On top of that, it seems to me that they wouldn’t want to take any responsibility or blame on this as you may see on the URL above. It is needless to say that every single one of the nation has to act adequately towards this issue, however the government is the one that has to take the lead to guide the nation to the right direction. Are they? For sure, “NO”!! They do not see what’s happening around the rest of the world as well as how others have been dealing with this. We have still had a number of people who get infected day by day. But what I have seen through my daily life and what I have heard on TV, people have behaved and acted as if this was going to end soon. I really don’t get it at all..

On the other hand, I think the Australian government has acted appropriately so far by placing restrictions and so on. Some might say what they have done could be considered to be excessive, however I believe that I can see at least they have done their best to protect the country as well as their own nation. Some of the restrictions they have got so far are harsh on people who work in Hospitality. However, they will certainly stop the virus from spreading.

I love both the countries and also understand that they have been trying their best to protect their own countries. Which one would you support? Which one would you like your government to be? Maybe neither..??

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