My favourite song😊

There are songs that you always listen to and also cheer you up when you are depressed😔

Mine is the one above, Simple Plan “Welcome to my life”.

I arrived at the Gold Coast, Australia on the 19th of March, 2006😌 I was gonna stay there for 10 months to learn English which turned out to be 13 years so far (because I have been living in Japan since last June, so it is 13 years instead of 14 years).

I had no English at the beginning and still clearly remember that the first conversation in English I had was when my host mother ( I was doing a homestay for the first few months) said “what is your name?”, I answered “ I am fine.”😅😂🤣 I was too nervous and couldn’t understand what she was saying at all😞 It was so embarrassing and I wanted to leave Australia immediately😅

Next day, I had orientation as well as the first class which was listening🧐 My teacher asked me to pass around some pieces of paper with the lyrics of “Welcome to my life.” Some words were left out in brackets and I had to fill them out as I listened to the song. I managed to catch a few words but didn’t understand what the song was about😢

How many times have I listened to it since then? When I finally understood the lyrics, I almost cried. Because I was not only happy to be able to understand it but also moved by the meaning of the lyrics😚 That was exactly how I felt for the first few months in Australia. To be overseas, new language as well as new cultures, so much stress and so on. I hated everything and just wanted to leave there☹️ But the song kept me going somehow and I could pull myself together💪💪 It has been my favourite song since then and I have listened to it so many times so far🤗

What is your favourite song?? You may have not only one but also some🤫

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See ya👋👋

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•Father of 1 •Australian permanent resident •Currently living in Japan

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