What’s gonna happen to the world??

There are 5 masks in a packet

I never thought buying a mask would be that hard. Who would’ve thought so??Who could’ve predicted like that??

I guess the answer is “no one “.

Here in Japan, we have been in a really bad situation because of COVID-19. However, not so many people are panic buying groceries luckily, therefore we could sustain our lives somehow. What I have meant by that is there are people who have been suffering due to the virus but I assume it’s not as bad and server as other counties.

My family and I are planning to get back to Australia between this May and July but we really don’t know whether we will be able to do so or not. Since we hold permanent residency in Australia, we are able to go back there at this stage. The Australian government has placed some restrictions in the last few days and we won’t be able to go back to the country for a little while if the situation gets worse and worse.

A mate of mine from Australia told me that it is so hard to buy groceries so far and gonna be worse. Also, many people will lose jobs because of the bad economy.

Australia and USA are in the same boat, they place similar restrictions. They have also placed some restrictions pubs, restaurants and people going outside whereas in Europe.

Why not in Japan?? I really don’t like criticizing things in public, however I must say that the Japanese government has really let the nation down ever since this whole thing started. They are not as proactive as they are supposed to be. Why are they still talking about the Tokyo Olympics?? That’s out of the question. They are better off putting it off. Would you wanna go to a country where you might get infected??

Look at the rest of the world, Japan!!! We have been so behind the rest of the world and we may not be able to catch up with them for good..

Wake up now, or you might lose everything.. that’s what I think.

I love Japan and am proud to be Japanese. That’s why I am saying this all.

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See ya 👋👋

Published by Roy_Roy

•Father of 1 •Australian permanent resident •Currently living in Japan

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